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Try To Control Portion Size

6th XXL dish - When we are hungry, sometimes we feel that we can eat an elephant, and it often happens that overwhelm plates with oversized portions of food. Also, when we cook and feel stronger hunger, there is the need for stacking excessive amounts of food, which eventually results in overeating, which is not necessary. Solution: Eat slowly, at a restaurant do not buy too portions, and at home do not stack on a plate, rather than take the more times per minute. So you will not feel the need to eat something just because it is on your plate. Additional Info

7th Food on a plate - From an early age we were taught that nothing can be left on the plate. That's why I now feel the need to clean up the plate and when our body tells us that we cannot. In addition, in some areas, it is rude to leave food on your plate, and even in some areas, people do not "lick" plate are subjected to ridicule.

Try to control portion size by ordering in restaurants and at home, take smaller portions, more times . This will prevent overeating, just to satisfy someone's expectations and criteria. 8th Eating according to the seasons - winter, often consume foods that are oily, hot drink and caloric beverages, while in summer turn calorie drink cold drinks and eat cold desserts. Solution: In the summer instead of cold drinks, drink water, and eat sweets with less calories. Winter drink beverages with less or no sugar.

9th Free food - In stores often find ourselves in a situation to buy food that is on the action, for example, buy two puddings, get two free and so on. As they often have a short shelf life, they should be eaten as soon as possible, and that means extra calories, which is unnecessary. Solution: When buying products on special, buy the ones that have a really long shelf life, and buy the ones you normally consume. more helpful hints

10 . Eating like an addiction - Some people just can not endure and that every day you do not eat chocolate, ice cream, savory and sweet snacks, or another favorite food. Solution: Try to at least reduce the intake of such foods or buy healthier versions. Also, keep the food out of sight, because it might be easier to forget about it.