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Sauces To Spice

O uses spices to lose weight we recently wrote about, so we will not repeat. Spices help speed up metabolism, and various sauces only help build up fatty deposits. Especially when it comes to shopping sauces, which have too much sodium, sugar and artificial additives. Spices, on the other hand, help burn fat inside.   They heat up the body, help the metabolism, fight bad bacteria and cleanse the body. Researchers have found that red pepper cayennski certainly helps to burn calories.

Spices add all dishes - scrambled eggs, pasta and rice, stewed vegetables, season them meat ... Cut out sugars from beverages If you are a person who likes juice - be it on syrups for stacking or purchased carbonated and thick juices - they all have a lot of sugar in it, and that includes milk shakes, fruit and plain yogurt and soy beverages or beverage of rice or oat milk. Fructose, lactose, cane syrup or corn, agave and honey - when abused, they all contribute to weight gain, especially the accumulation of fat deposits around the waist.

Use extra care when buying juice, if you just have to buy some to be one that has no added sugars or similar attachments. It would be best if you opt for natural, freshly squeezed (or blended) juices and drinks. Ejection of sugar from the diet helps the efficiency of metabolism, affects the function of various hormones and helps digestion. Although many say that throwing sweet means a lot less calories, now scientists say that even more important positive effect that it has on your metabolism, which burns faster and easier fat.

Let us also mention that the goal is not to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, but if you must sweeten your morning coffee or tea - use Stevia or Xylitol. Share a meal with itself when it's time for a meal, most of us eat much larger portions than we need. The main meals split into smaller, mini-meals, you can eat every three hours. This will give you part of the "fuel" it needs for optimum energy, the lack of which can be converted into fat.