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Weight Loss Is Not Easy

Weight loss is not easy - Although overweight associated with health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes should, just permanently lose weight by five to ten percent and it significantly reduce the health risks that would otherwise threatened only when BMI over 40 need to lose weight more than 20 kg, to a significant impact. Many studies suggest that rather than slightly overweight threatens the health or underweight weight fluctuations due to various hunger strikes and diet. Look At This

Any rapid weight loss of more than two pounds a week can have dangerous side effects such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps, fatigue, or formation of gallstones. Trendy diets are definitely not suitable for the treatment of obesity. Any obese person who wants to lose weight and stay slim permanently addition, this objective must fully adapt to all your eating habits. In some cases it will also help drugs.

If you suffer from severe obesity, it is best to visit some of the centers for the treatment of obesity, where your doctor after a thorough interview really can prescribe medications. Drugs work by speeding up metabolism and also increase satiety and reduce hunger. Special laparoscopic gastric banding should be considered in patients whose BMI is greater than 35, who had previously undergone unsuccessful nonoperative treatment. Read More additional reading

The stomach is downloaded special collar so that it resembles an hourglass. The patient then cannot eat as much food as before. After surgery, the patient must follow a diet regime. For three years can lose weight about 35-40 kg.